I am a settler Australian artist and practice-led PhD candidate at RMIT University, Melbourne. My film and sound-based doctoral research is on women fishers working in small boat fishing communities in Scotland and Iceland, and how women fishers create, understand, and talk about their ecological knowledge. This encompasses ocean histories, human-animal relationships, emotions, mythology, and labour practices.

My wider practice uses site-specific installation, textiles, photography, sound, and film to explore place making, labour, rituals, and the ocean. Broadly, I situate myself in a community of practice that looks at empathy in human-animal relationships, feminist methodologies, strange ecologies, and ocean imaginaries.

I did my undergraduate study at the University of Sydney and the Berlin University of the Arts, and my MFA at University of New South Wales. I’ve undertaken residencies at Nida Art Colony (Lithuania), Mustarinda (Findland), Arscape Gibralter Point (Canada) and NES (Iceland). I’m a Blake Prize and Hazelhurst Art on Paper awards finalist. I’ves exhibited widely in Australia and overseas including NAC Galleries (Lithuania), Banff Centre (Canada), RMIT Galleries (Melbourne), Carriageworks, Chalk Horse, Firstdraft, and Casula Powerhouse (Sydney).

Member of
Association for the Study of Literature, Environment and Culture (ANZ)
Arts Territory Exchange
AEGIS Research Network

Here’s a CV

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