Lives and works in Sydney, Australia

PhD Candidate, RMIT, School of Art, 2018-
Master of Fine Art, University of New South Wales, Sydney, 2014 
Bachelor of Visual Art (Hons), University of Sydney, 2005
Visual Communication and Media Arts, Universitat der Kunste, Berlin, 2004

2021 Fish wife, Tinning Street Galleries, Melbourne
2019 A forest, Kioskas Project Space, Lithuania
2019 Song of Sibyls, Now Hear This Festival, New Music Edmonton
2018 Song of Sibyls, Entr'arts / Between the Arts, Canadian New Music Network, Montreal
2017 Chora, Carriageworks, Sydney
2017 Song of Sibyls, Verge Gallery, Sydney
2017 El Cant de la Sibilla, Chapelle St-Louis, Montreal
2016 Song of Sibyls, Banff Centre, Canada
2016 This is Spiritual and Physical, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne
2014 Monument to Decay, Mustarinda, Finland
2014 TOO YOUNG TOO LIGHT TO WORK, Bus Projects, Melbourne
2013 A Place Prepared for Sleep, Skagastrond, Iceland
2012 Terrains of Hesitation, CoFA Space, Sydney
2011 Do you have a recurring dreamspace? Kudos Gallery, Sydney
2011 Dwell, Format Gallery as part of Format Festival, Adelaide
2010 Markers for better living (tree), Format Gallery, Adelaide
2010 On My Shore, ESP Gallery, Sydney
2005 A small exhibition of works, Exeter Gallery, Adelaide
2003 Ravens and Writing Desks, Newspace Gallery, Sydney

2020 The new (ab)normal, RMIT Galleries, Melbourne
2019 Maramica, Nida Art Colony Galleries, Lithuania
2018 NES 10 Years, NES, Iceland
2018 Taming space, 107, Sydney
2017 Place of all return, Airspace, Sydney
2017 Dispar, as part of Electrofringe and Vivid Festival, 107 Projects, Sydney
2016 64th Blake Prize, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Sydney
2015 Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Sydney
2015 Looking In Looking Out, curated by Talia Smith, Gaffa Gallery, Sydney
2015 BEAMS Art Festival, Gaffa Gallery Program curated by Talia Smith, Sydney
2014 Double Mint Gum, Mint Studios as part of Format Festival, Adelaide
2014 Slow Video, TRANZAC, Toronto
2013 ORGI4, curated by ORGI Collective, Kings Ari, Melbourne
2013 Summer We Go Public, curated by Melody Woodnutt, NES, Iceland
2013 Opi Hús, NES, Iceland
2012 GHOST HOLE IV, curated by Vanessa Rieger, Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto
2012 Roseanne / Angry, curated by Amira Hajar, Format Gallery, Adelaide
2012 Alive and Well, Firstdraft, Sydney
2010 Mythologies, Format Festival, Adelaide
2009 Format + 2% = BIG, Queens Theatre, Adelaide
2007 Exposure: Five Photographers, Mahan Gallery, Ohio
2007 Square One, Chalk Horse Gallery Sydney
2006 Old School Projection Dell, Adelaide Fringe Festival, Adelaide
2005 Human Expo, Overtoom301, Amsterdam
2005 Intimacy, Campbell Works, London
2004 Rudgang, UDK, Berlin
2004 Degree Show, SCA Galleries, Sydney
2003 In Other Words ,Phatspace, Sydney
2003 E-motion, Castelo de S. Jorge, Lisbon
2003 Degree Show, SCA Galleries, Sydney

2021 Making gloves to wear with a seal (with Emily Dundas), Strange Letters conference of the Association for the Study of Literature, Environment and Culture, Australia – New Zealand
2021 HDR representative and Doctoral Researcher with AEGIS Art + Ecologies research network, RMIT University
2020 Art & Ecology, Research exchange, RMIT Melbourne
2020 RMIT Research Scholarship 
2019 Artists Territory Exchange, network member (peer reviewed), UK
2019 Intersectional research methodologies, Research Exchange, RMIT Melbourne
2019 Deep Harbours, Presentation, Art and Photography Research Symposium, RMIT Melbourne
2019 Artist talk and open studio, Nida Art Colony, Lithuania
2019 Residency, Nida Art Colony, Lithuania (forthcoming)
2018 Forum, Song of Sibyls, with Katelyn Clark, Entr'arts / Between the Arts, Canadian New Music Network, Montreal
2017 Artist talk, Place of all return, Airspace, Sydney
2017 Residency and grant, Carriageworks, Sydney
2017 Environmental Art Residency, facilitated by Hayden Fowler, Smiths Lake Research Station
2017 Artist talk, Song of Sibyls, Verge Gallery, Sydney
2016 Finalist, Blake Prize, Sydney
2015 Finalist, Hazelhurst Art on Paper Award, Sydney
2014 Residency, Mustarinda, Finland
2013 Artist talk, Rannsóknasetri Háskóla Íslands, Skagastrond, Iceland
2013 Residency, NES Artist Residency, Skagastrond, Iceland
2012 Residency, The Portable Hole, Artscape Gibralter Point, Toronto
2011 Artist talk, Landscapes as memory spaces, Performative Space Panel as part of Art as Laboratory
Forum, UNSW Art and Design, Sydney
2010 Residency, Artscape Gibralter Point, Toronto
2009 Workshop, Online Publishing and Invisible City, as part of Format Festival, Adelaide
2006 Selected as one of 25 artists under 25 by Art + Australia Magazine and Noise, Australia
2004 Exchange program to Universitat der Kunste, Berlin
2004 Scholarship, Fauvette Loureiro Memorial Artists Exchange, University of Sydney

2019 Soil Stories, Fine Print, Ritual Issue, published by SAMSTAG Museum
2018 Interview, FBI Radio, Culture Guide, 18 April 2018, Sydney
2017 Editor and Publisher of INVISIBLE CITY online PDF art magazine,
2017 Exhibition Catalogue, Song of Sibyls, Maybe The Apocalypse Is Just What We Need, essay by Ann Deslandes, Verge Gallery, Sydney
2016 64th Blake Prize, Forward by Dr. Clare Cochrane, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Sydney
2015 Interview, Blood Work: Magdalena Olszanowski, nomorepotlucks, Issue 25, Canada
2014 Exhibition Catalogue, TOO YOUNG TOO LIGHT TO WORK, essays by Alanna Lorenzon
and Chloe Langford, Bus Projects, Melbourne
2013 Starting Points and Destinations, MFA thesis, UNSW Art and Design
2013 Exhibition Catalogue, Summer We Go Public, NES, Iceland
2012 Article and images, YEN Magazine, Issue 56, Australia
2012 Article, Peering into the Ghost Hole, Christopher McKinnon, Toronto Artscape
2011 Interview, Canvas on FBI Radio, Sydney
2011 Interview, 2SER Radio, Sydney
2010 Summer show, Light Journeys, curated by U.K Frederick and Lee Grant, Australia
2010 Review, Songs to Dance to Song to Die to, Alanna Lorenzon, Five Thousand, Adelaide
2010 Catalogue, FORMAT Collective Annual, Adelaide
2010 Exhibition Catalogue, Mythologies, Format Gallery, Adelaide
2009 SUPERNATURE, Rip It Up, Issue 1016, Adelaide
2009 Spotlight: SUPERNATURE, Fringe Benefits, Adelaide
2009 Essay, Transience and Transgression, INVISIBLE CITY, Issue 2, Australia
2009 TOMO, Marlaina Read: Feature, Mexico City
2009 And I Still Miss You, Issue One, Peter Skwiot Smith publisher, Minnesota
2007 Kiss Machine, Goodbye, Petrified Press, Toronto
2006 25/25, Art + Australia, Vol 43 No 4, University of Melbourne
2005 Common People Journal, Feature, Toronto
2005 Frankie Magazine, Feature and poster, Issue 6, Morrison Media, Melbourne
2005 / (Slash) Magazine, Feature, Issue 4 (US)
2005 Matrix Magazine, Feature, Issue 72 New Victorians, Concordia University, Montreal

Work held in National Library of Australia and private collections in Australia, UK, Canada, USA, Mexico, Hong Kong and Portugal.